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Faced with overseeing someone’s care, you may not only be alarmed at the very high cost of care fees and worry that over time these could consume most, if not all, of their savings, but you may also be unsure about just how long your parent or relative may need the care for. If this is the case, then a Care Fees Annuity or care fees funding plans could be just the answer you are looking for.

These care fee annuities also called care fee plans or care fee funding plans are special financial policies, offered by a select few leading UK insurers, which aims to provide anyone aged over 60 and needs long term care, with a guaranteed indefinite income and thus helps to ensure that care fees can be afforded no matter how long care turns out to be required for.

In return for paying the insurer a one – off premium, a care fee funding plans will:

  • Provide you with a Tax Free income for the rest of the person needing care’s life – no matter how long this is.
  • Give you peace of mind that money will not run out.
  • Relieve you from having to continually change bank or building society accounts in an attempt to try and achieve better interest rates and preserve capital for a bit longer.
  • Give you the option to receive set annual increases in benefits to meet annual increases in care fees.
  • Help protect any remaining capital for future inheritances.

Not only this but for those who may otherwise have to pay Inheritance Tax, the money needed to buy a care plan will reduce the estate, and thus help reduce or even avoid any tax being paid. Please note: Tax rules are liable to change.

No matter where you or your parent or relative prefers to receive their care - at home or in a care home - a care fees plan can help meet the fees. What’s more, the plan remains portable, so if your parent or relative starts out wanting care at home but then needs to move into a care home (or move from a residential to a nursing home), the payments can be re-directed to help meet any new fees.

That’s why more and more people are discovering for themselves that care fee funding plans or care fee annuities (as they used to be called) are the logical way of ensuring their parents or relative’s ongoing care.

So why not discover for yourself how affordable a care fees funding plan could be? It won’t cost you a penny and we get quotes from all the providers!

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Please note: These plans are not offered direct by the insurers

Capital Protection - Offering you money back even on death

The main benefit of a care fees plan is to ensure care can continue indefinitely but no one can predict just how long care will be required for and should the person it covers, die earlier than expected you could lose money compared to what you have paid. It’s therefore reassuring to know that even if this turns out to be quite short, one care plan provider includes free of charge, some limited and decreasing refund of premiums within the first 6 months and all providers, offer you the chance to buy longer protection giving you the chance to initially protect either 25%, 50% or 75% of the premium. Then if by the time of any death the plan hasn’t paid out in benefits, as much as you chosen to protect, your parent’s or relative’s estate would receive a refund of any balance.

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Please note: These plans are not offered direct by the insurers

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